Make sure to massage your body, you will see beautiful skin.


11 Aug 2566

Benefits of Thai massage
In ancient times, we viewed massage as a tool for disease prevention. and always have good health In the East, we may look at massage as a matter of life and mind. but in the west had a scientific view of massage found to be able to take care of the body as normal better inner workings and can also treat emotional problems.

Therapeutic massage is not much different. Some are massages that are combined with Western massages such as the Swedish Massage, which focuses on lymph node pressure and gentle touch. (This kind of massage was developed from Chinese massage), sports massage that focuses on muscle relaxation, or Indian Ayurvedic massage. that focuses on adjusting the elements and using oil As for Thai massage, it works very well for stress relief. because it combines all subjects from the above together.

But the complete stress relief massage You will not be able to forget the use of massage oil together. Using aromatic massage oils This was originally used to heal wounded soldiers during World War II. that took lavender essential oil to mix and when found to have good results aromatherapy massage Therefore, it is the origin of massage therapy later as well.

Massage to relieve stress + beautiful skin too
In 1992, the Touch Research Institute established by the Faculty of Medicine University of Miami, USA, has found that touch is one way to heal us. In addition to embracing Touching, this is a massage that can help solve our mental and emotional problems in amazing ways.

If feeling stressed Try choosing a massage therapy. This method should be suitable for Thai people who have many reliable places to choose from. Then try to consult a therapist to choose a scent that matches our mood. For example, herbal massage oil with a cool, refreshing scent is suitable for when we want to be awake. But with the scent of fragrant flowers Inhale and feel comfortable, it should be suitable for when we want to reduce stress. Reduce alertness, etc. Importantly, increasing circulation to the skin. It can also make our skin more beautiful. also told in the Green Beauty Guide column on that

Massage can definitely help with skin. Unless we have other skin-damaging behaviors, for example, we massage but smoke, which will definitely make our skin unattractive.

In Thai and Chinese theories say that Massage helps the blood to circulate well. and when internal circulation is good The skin is fully nourished. Therefore making the skin shine bright, but if there are factors that reduce it, such as not eating fruits and vegetables at all unbalanced diet Brown rice doesn't eat, stay up late, no matter how we massage. The skin won't be clearer.

therefore The doctor suggested that we supplement each other in many ways. or to compress some herbs They are usually people who take good care of themselves. Massage therefore makes the skin better. So it can be said that the important thing is to know how to take care of yourself. Take care of food, sleep and massage, so it can really help our skin get better.

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