Thai massage relieves depression-anxiety


11 Aug 2566

Thai massage can help reduce anxiety levels, depression, muscle pain and fascia, together with eating bitter foods. and meditation therapy will enhance the effectiveness in treating such syndromes

Thai people are more prone to depression every year.
Dr. Kwanchai Wisitthanon, Assistant Director General of the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine, said that the world attaches great importance to psychiatric diseases. The Department of Mental Health has surveyed the prevalence of mental disorders and mental health problems among Thai people in 2013 found that depression (major depressive episode) was the most common psychiatric disorder, followed by generalized anxiety disorder and chronic depressive disorder (dysthymia), respectively, and there was an increasing trend. found that muscle pain and fascia There are psychological factors, stress, anxiety, and sadness as factors affecting the disease in patients.

Thai massage relieves depression-anxiety
In Thai traditional medicine There is a research study of Thai massage on the level of anxiety, depression, and pain of patients with musculoskeletal pain syndrome who receive services at an applied Thai traditional medicine clinic. Faculty of Medicine Thammasat University It was found that after receiving 3 times of Thai massage, the scores of anxiety, depression and muscle pain were significantly reduced. It can be concluded that Thai massage can relieve anxiety, depression and muscle pain.

Precautions before getting a massage
However, Thai massage has limitations for some patients, such as

- People with blood clotting disorders
- Persons with contagious disease that are in the infectious stage
- Those with a fever over 38.5 degrees Celsius

In addition, the service provider should not massage the cancerous area. or areas with inflammation, pain, swelling, redness, heat, fractures, fractures, fractures that are not completely attached and do not massage after a new accident.

Tips to reduce depression
In addition to Thai massage, it can help relieve anxiety, depression and reduce muscle pain. Therapeutic meditation or exercise will also help with that. For exercising with contorted hermit posture is another option that can help relieve anxiety symptoms can depression.

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